Wuerzburger Beer is the first in our Original Series. The Original Series seeks to recreate the beers offered by the original Crystal Springs Brewing and Ice Company. Wuerzburger was first released circa 1903. Our good friend, Rick Sinner, discovered a very detailed write up about Wuerzburger in a 1905 edition of the Daily Camera. From that excellent description, we were able to develop a recipe for this craft beer – a helles bock. We used all Colorado malt from Colorado Malting Company and hops from Niwot Hop Farm to make our version. Excerpts from the 1905 Daily Camera article: ‘The question “what is Wuerzburger” has been answered. It is the freshest, foamiest, liveliest, pleasantest beer seen in Boulder. Wuerzbuger (pronounce the z as if it were a t.) would be called “hot stuff” were it not that it is always served cold. Wuerzburger is amber colored joy, dimpled loveliness, sweetly delicious nectar from the pure barley of Boulder County.’


    STYLE: Maibock/Helles Bock

    ABV: 6.9%

    IBUs: 26