Angel Wheat


Angel Wheat is an American wheat craft beer, brewed with 50% American 2 row, 50% American wheat and American hops. The addition of wheat gives Angel a very crisp and refreshing profile. It uses yeast that emphasizes the malt characters and adds just a hint of citrus – you do not need to add a lemon or an orange to this craft beer, but please do so if you wish. The yeast is left in the beer to add flavor, thus the beer is cloudy. The brilliantly white head is one of the wonderful visual characteristics of this craft beer. However, it is highly carbonated, so please pour gently, but with enough gusto to produce a nice head. Angel has no added fruit or spices, only Rocky Mountain water, barley, wheat, hops and yeast. Enjoy it just as it is and sooth the summer heat away.


    STYLE: Pale Wheat Ale - American

    ABV: 4.9%

    IBUs: 18