Hi There,
Running late again – sorry.  It has been a crazy couple of weeks.  Many of you are aware there is a severe can shortage.  Since we can a lot of our beer, this has been a concern of ours.  Fortunately, Colin has been able to locate enough to handle our forecasted needs for the rest of the year and they are now all in our possession.  Doing so, while exciting, has taken a lot of time and effort.  Not really an excuse for failing to get out a newsletter sooner, but…..
Our Classic American Pilsner had been released and is available on tap and in 6 pack cans at the brewery and your favorite liquor store.  If you haven’t gotten your Colorado Brewer’s Guild annual CBG Pint Glass, we still have a few available – ask your server.  Buying a CBG Pint Class support the CBG and breweries throughout the state.  While you’re at it, we have Blood Orange shirts back in stock.  
The Louisville City Council has approved a temporary closure for Main Street again this year.  The closure last year was a godsend for us.  It helped us survive and get through a very tough year.  Having it closed again will definitely help us to continue.  We greatly appreciate the council’s decision and the support of the residents of Louisville.  We are also acutely aware of the sacrifices the residents of LaFarge Street have and are making to support us.  It means a great deal to us. The street will close the end of April and will reopen in November.
More excitement – we were selected as one of the Commercial Turf Replacement Pilot recipients for Louisville Businesses.  Because of that we will be able to plant a flower garden in the area south of the beer garden.  We’re pretty excited.  We do the prep work and the flower design and plants will be provided by Resource Central. 
For the CSBC IPA fans, we will re-release it next Thursday, April 22, 2021 for Thirsty Thursday.  Last Thursday we released our Last Minute IPA – a beer recipe that Colin requested at the last minute!  
Thanks to all of you who responded to our tasting questionnaire for the all local ingredient beers we put on tap.  The most frequent request was for the Kveik yeast version to be made as a sour beer.  We brewed that this week and it’s in the fermenter as I write this.  The Wit version was the most popular of the two, so we will brew that as a full-fledged Belgian style wit beer in the near future.  Typically a Belgian style wit is brewed with coriander and orange peel.  The Local Wit did not have those ingredients.  Unfortunately, I cannot get locally grown coriander or oranges from Colorado, but I have a shipment of rare and wonderful orange peels coming in the second week of May, so we will wait until we get those to brew and we get wonderful coriander from a local spice supplier.
All our taproom employees, Colin, Kristy and I have now gotten their covid vaccinations and our brewery employees will have all gotten theirs very soon.  The mask and spacing restrictions remain so please wear your mask when you are not seated at a table.
If you’re out and about on this lovely Sunday afternoon, both our newest employees will be running the taproom today as Bond is on vacation.  Stop in and say hi to Sydney and Rhiannon and enjoy Crystal Springs beer, Shopey’s wonderful food offerings and this great weather.  Tomorrow it is supposed to snow again.  Kristy and I will most likely be there as well working on some projects to make our beer gardens even more inviting.
Be sure to put May 13, 2021 on your calendar – that’s our eleventh anniversary.  We didn’t get to celebrate our tenth anniversary last year, so we’ll have some exciting things happening this year.  More information soon to come!
Cheers, Tom