Heat wave coming?
Yes, we have a beer for that – and it’s been almost a year in the making!

Hi There,
I must say I’m stoked!  Looks like we’re going to have a heat wave this weekend – and we’re ready for it.  The sun’s gonna shine on us again, tables will be snow free, beers ready to serve (in new glasses!), and a great new beer coming out for Thirsty Thursday this week.
Barrel-Aged Tripel!  We were so excited when we developed our Tripel, and from the responses we received you seemed to like it.  Anyway, at that time we had some bourbon barrels available from a previous beer and decided to age some of the Tripel in them. We are glad we did!  This beer turned out most excellent. We’ll be tapping it tomorrow, February 2nd, 2023.  Dry January is over, so let’s celebrate!  Whoever thought of that one has a sense of humor.
So what else is in the works?  Well, we currently have our Classic American Pilsner, Black Saddle 2023, and Czech Dark Lager in the tanks (along with Blood Orange, of course).  Classic American Pilsner and Czech Dark Lager (yes, we heard you, loud and clear) will be offered both on tap and in cans as special releases and Black Saddle will go into fresh bourbon barrels.  Planned release for the Czech Dark Lager is 2/23/23 and the Classic American Pilsner will be released sometime in March.
The week of Valentine’s Day, we’ll be releasing our Thirsty Thursday beer early, but on Valentine’s Day, 2/14 – a Cherry Stout, or as one of our brewer’s calls it, Cheery Stout.  And, of course, Kristy may have some treats to go along with it.  
And there’s more!  The world famous Colorado Collaboration Festival sponsored by our own Colorado Brewers Guild is coming up on March 25, 2023 (raise your hand if you’re ready for March).  We’re doing two collaborations, one with our good friends at River North Brewing in Denver and the other with our good friends at Main Stage Brewing in Lyons.  Tickets are going fast so get yours now.  I can’t tell you exactly what we’re brewing right now, but I can tell you that one of them reflects back to the huge tree my family had in our backyard when I was attempting to grow up and the other has to do with the Galaxy, Cosmos, Phantasies, and Luminosity, or something like that.  
Finally, to wrap up – we’re remodeling the Sunshine Canyon Brewery, where we started – since it is almost 13 years old (short commercial break – our 13th Anniversary is May 13, 2023 and we’re planning a lallapaloosa for the whole week leading up to it.  Plus, it is our 10th Anniversary of being in Louisville!).  
Don’t forget that tonight (and every Wednesday) is “Kick the Keg Night!”  Your beertender selects a keg(s) that is ready to blow, and you get a $1 off that beer, plus the person who “kicks” the keg gets free to-go-beer. 
I’ll be at the taproom on Thursday and Kristy and I will both be there Friday!  We hope to see you!
Cheers, Tom