Hints of Spring

Hi There,
Another beautiful day in paradise (as Kristy likes to say) albeit just a little windy – and it’s a holiday!  Yes, we’re open, at 3 pm with Bond as your host.  
Coming up – another Trivia Tuesday tomorrow with your gracious (and now married) hosts, Dion and Nate.  Don’t miss it!  Supposedly the high will be 57 degrees.  
This Thursday, by popular demand, we will be re-releasing our Czech Dark Lager.  It will be on tap and available in six pack cans (and will also be available in six packs at your favorite liquor stores).  A few tibits:

-While Pilsners dominate Americans’ perceptions of Czech beer, the second most popular brew in the Czech Republic is near-black tmavé pivo, or “dark beer,” a brewing style that predates pilsner – and upstages it in some Czech taverns.
-The style wasn’t even listed in the guidelines of the Beer Judge Certification Program, a set of style descriptions for homebrewers and pro brewers alike, until a revision in 2014.
-In 2020, the average Czech person drank 147 liters, over 30 liters more than any other nationality and over twice as much as the average American (72.7 liters per year).
-Pilsner, the world renown style of beer, first appeared in the 19th century in Plzeň, currently the 4th-largest city in the Czech Republic. 

Speaking of pilsners, did you know that a pilsner is a lager? Ales and lager actually refer to the type of yeast used to brew certain styles. Ale yeasts like warmer temperatures – usually between 68 and 72 degrees fahrenheit and are used to produces pales ales, IPAs, porters, stouts, etc.  Lager yeasts like a cooler temperature, between 48 and 54 degrees fahrenheit and are used to produce pilsners, bocks, dunkels, etc.  

We’re turning 13 this year!  Mark your calendars for our 13th Anniversary – May 13, 2023.  We’ll have a great celebration that day and several smaller events leading up to it, starting May 8th.  It will be a party you won’t want to miss.

Looking ahead and so looking forward to March, a special release of our Classic American Pilsner, Irish Red for Saint Patrick’s Day, an exciting new Hazy IPA, the release of our Colorado Collaboration Festival Beers (one with River North Brewing and another with Main Stage Brewing – more on those later), plus some special out-of-the-ordinary treats – stay tuned.

If you know of anyone who is looking for a job in the brewing industry, we’re looking for an assistant brewer/cellarman.  This is a full-time job, starting immediately for the right person – hard-working, diligent, able to lift at least 55 lbs., flexible, creative, quality conscious and enjoys beer.  If you know of anyone interested, please let me know. 
Have a great week!

Cheers, Tom