Summer’s Here (I Think)

Hi There,

Hmmm – is summer here?  It’s often difficult to tell in Colorado.  But perhaps more so in Norway.  When I was teaching, we did a jazz exchange with a school in Norway.  One time I was there I asked one of their students when summer started in Norway.  She said July 13th.  I asked when summer ended and she said, “July 13th – that’s it, that’s summer!”  Whether it is summer here or not we’ve started our summer hours:

Monday, Tuesday 2-8
Wednesday, Thursday 2-9
Friday 1-10
Saturday 12-10
Sunday 12-8

Since we’re on the topic of summer (by the way, I love summer), Summertime Ale will soon be out in cans tomorrow – for Thirsty Tuesday.  Look for it at your favorite liquor store or pick some up in our taproom.  Of course, it will be on tap as well and at many of your favorite watering holes.  Plus we have Lulu’s Mexican Lager and Main Street Lager for you as well.  All are great thirst quenchers.

Our flower garden is planted and mulched.  Thanks so much to Ben Knott for doing the rototilling and to Barb, Carol and Tim for helping to plant the flowers.  We’re told that the first year the plants will be building their root systems, so most likely there won’t be any flowers.  Next year they’ll begin producing but still mostly getting their roots down and spreading.  But the third year they’ll be a blaze of glory.  It will be great fun to watch them flourish.

If you’ve been to the beer garden lately, you’ve probably noticed we have the tent back up, providing some nice shade.  Thanks to Peter and crew for helping get it up again.  We’ll also be adding shade sails in strategic spots.  Rumor has it that it will be a hot summer again this year.  We’re also getting closer to getting the garage bar up and running.  

Congratulations to our friend Eric and Acme Fine Goods on their second anniversary.  We’ve brewed a special beer for the occasion – Main Street Lager.  Look for it on tap and in 16 oz cans very soon.  

We recently put on tap our popular 99 Limes Sour IPA – another great summertime beer andone of Deidrick’s favorites.  So much so, that he gave his father some for his birthday – but with a twist.  He added cherries to it.  From what I know, you might just see some of the cherry added version on tap for Thirsty Thursday.

We have another new employee!  Meet Ryan Needles.  He’ll mostly be working in the brewery but will also be helping in the taproom every Saturday and other days as needed.  Ryan hales from Laramie, Wyoming.  Be sure to stop in this Saturday and welcome him to Crystal Springs.

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying a nice beer, brewed in Colorado by an independently owned brewery.  Nothing goes better with BBQ than beer.

Cheers, Tom