There Are No Words

I have started this newsletter several times now, trying to figure out what to say.  I’m not sure there is a way to express the sadness Kristy and I are feeling. Our hearts go out to those of you who have lost your homes.  Kristy and I have gotten to know so many of you who visit our taproom – you’ve become a treasured part of our lives.
Our community is a place where people care about each other, help each other, enjoy each other.  It is a sad day for all of us.  We grieve for those of you who lost so much, but are grateful for those whose homes were spared.  
When we came to Louisville, our dream was more than just to make good beer, we wanted to create a place where people could come together, enjoy a beer, meet friends, talk, laugh….  If that dream has come true, it is because of you. 

When we were closed because of the pandemic, you supported us, you let us know you cared, you saved us.  It is our turn now.  Help will come from all over, in the form of donations and funds to help rebuild.  But right now, in this moment, we need each other.  If you need or want a place to go, a place where you know you are loved, where you can be with friends, a place just to be, let our taproom be that place. In the coming days, if you need a place to get away, if you need a hug, a shoulder, or just someone to listen, we’ll be here.  
We plan to open tomorrow, Monday, with our regular hours = 3 – 8 pm and we will be open in the comings day for our regular hours.  Until the water issues are alleviated, we will be serving in plastic cups and will have sanitizer for hand washing.  We think will have gas and heat by tomorrow, but if not, we will have electric heaters in the taproom. The weather is supposed to be warmer, so we may be able to serve outside as well.  
We would like to offer thanks to all the first responders, to the people who did all they could to help their friends and neighbors, to the fire fighters, the police, and to our city staff.  
There are no words we can say that can ease the pain.  All we can do is to let you know how much we care.  We hope you are safe, and we are thankful for that.  Once we’re past the shock, we’ll pick ourselves up and rebuild.  We’ll get through this, together.  Anything we can do to help, we will do.  
Those of you who are familiar (or even if you’re not) with the Big Beers, Belgians and Barleywines event usually held in Breckenridge the first weekend in January every year – they were not able to hold it last year and they have cancelled the physical event again this year.  However, they decided to support breweries across the nation in hosting their own events – calling it Craft Your Own Big Beers.  We decided (a few months ago) to participate in it.  With all that has happened, I thought about bowing out, but then thought – maybe we need something like this and decided to go ahead.  Here is the schedule:

  • All month: Black Saddle 2021 available in the taproom and at local liquor stores
  • January 6:  Special tastings of beers from our cellar with Colin, Weston (head brewer) and I hosting.
  • January 6-9:  Patty Kriek, American Cherry Sour, available in limited quantities
  • January 13-17:  Cherry Quad, available in very limited quantities
  • January 20-23: Spring Forward, available in limited quantities
  • January 27-30: We will be tapping kegs of 2019, 2020, and 2021 Black Saddle.  These will stay on tap into February (stout month) as long as supplies last.

I wish you all the very best for the new year.  I hope it is a better one. Most of all I wish you good health and the joy of family and friends.