Today Is A Happening Day!

I’m hopeful that those of you who have lost your homes have found a place to live for a while that is working well for you, that your families are together and safe, that you’ve found clothing and other things that you want and need.  Our hearts are with you and with those of you who have been impacted by a friend or family member who lost their home.  If there is something we can do to help, please let us know.  And, if you need a place to just sit for a while and enjoy a beer or two, spend some time with friends, or just to be, please stop into our taproom on Main Street in Louisville.  
Today is a huge day for us.  Because of the fire, our delivery schedule for our new equipment got messed up and today all our new equipment is arriving at the same time.  We’re also part of a collaboration group to celebrate River North Brewing’s tenth anniversary and the initial meeting is today.  On top of all that, our tasting of cellar beers is today as well. 
We’re planning that the tasting start around 5:00 pm.  Nate will get things going if I’m not there by then (our collab meeting is at 4:00 in Denver).  Here are the beers we plan to offer, in the order they’ll be poured.  We’ll be pouring 4 ounce samples in Belgian snifter glasses.  

  • 2017 Black Saddle 375 ml, barrel aged in rye whiskey barrels
    • 4 bottles available
  • 2014 Black Saddle, bombers, barrel aged in 
    • 2 bottles available
  • 2013 Black Saddle – Single Cask #1, #2, #3, #4
    • 1 bottle of each available
  • 2012 Port Barrel Aged Stout Black Saddle, 12 oz bottle
    • 4 bottles available
  • 2017 Cherry Quad, 375 ml bottle
    • 4 bottles available

And perhaps one or two surprises.
I’ve also been doing some research and I think I know can give a guide as to the year in which each Black Saddle was released.  We brewed it every year since we started the brewery in 2010, except 2015.  If you’d like a copy, let me know and I’ll send it to you.  
We just released our Imperial IPA and it is on tap in our taproom.  We’ll be offering a limited number of bottles of this year’s Cherry Quad tomorrow.  Both the tastings and the bottle offering are part of our “Create Your Own Big Beers” event. 
Hugs from all of us at Crystal Springs Brewing.  These are trying times.  But our communities very obviously care about neighbors and friends – well evidenced by the outpouring of help.  We’re working on ways to support you more, but for now, if you need a break, stop in and see us.
Cheers, Tom