Sunny Skies & Wintry Beers

Hi There,

Just a few quick notes about what is going on at our taproom and brewery.

Tomorrow, the last weekend of Craft Your Own Big Beers, we are doing a special keg tapping of 2019, 2020 and 2021 Black Saddle.  These are smaller kegs (quarter and sixth bbl) so we have limited quantities, but we will continue to have these beers on tap into February (stout month) – until they are gone.

We also just tapped a Weizenbock.  The recipe for this wonderful beer was created by our Lead Brewer, Weston (he also brewed it).  This style beer could be called a serendipitous combination of a Weissbier and a doppelbock.   Much like any other weizenbier, it uses a large portion of wheat in the recipe and top-fermenting weiss yeast, but it has the richly layered maltiness and strength of the bottom-fermented doppelbock.  In German, bock means strong.  This beer weighs in at 8.2% ABV.  

We also put on a delightful English style Dark Mild (The Local).  The quintessential British session beer, a mild is know for its low level of hop character.  Similarly, the alcohol content is traditionally rather low as well – ours is 5.5% ABV.  It has a rich brown color, low carbonation with a nearly still, slightly bubbly head and little to no hop aroma. In Britain, “The Local” refers a place where people love to get together for conversation and beers.  We hope our taproom is your “Local.”

Needless to say, tomorrow is going to be quite the day.  All five of these beers are perfect for a nice, cool, but sunny winter’s day.  I hope you’ll join us.  

Over at the brewery, our new tanks are in – one of them already has Juicy Yo in it.  Our canning line additions are supposedly arriving tomorrow.  And Kristy’s little surprise is coming along nicely.  

Hugs from all of us at Crystal Springs Brewing.  Take a well-deserved break and join us for some tasty brews in a place where you can enjoy a nice beer with friends, waited on by a doting staff.  See you tomorrow.

Cheers, Tom