Spring is Coming

And we couldn’t be more excited.

Hi There,
It’s been a long time!  Things have been so crazy the past few weeks, that I just haven’t had time to put out a newsletter.  But today’s the day.
What’s been keeping us so busy, including me?  
 We’ve been short on personnel with people being sick or on vacation.  Fortunately, we’re back to 100%.  Speaking of that, we want to hire a brewery worker.  If you know of anyone interested please have them email Colin at [email protected].We are gradually getting the brewery remodeled, while still working to keep up with demand (March is finally here).  The Brewer’s Lounge at the brewery is coming along nicely – the new floor is in, the bar has been installed as has the tap system.  We need to add the trim and the finishing touches, but we are hopeful we can open soon.  Our additions to the canning line are all in now and Colin and crew are working steadily at getting things placed in just the right spots.  All our tanks are installed, connected, and being filled.Our next big project is to remodel the Boulder brewery. 
March weather, as is usually the case in Colorado is all over the place, but we’ve noticed a lot of you love sitting outside when the sun is out.  These last few days have been wonderful.  It won’t be long, and the patios will be installed and the garage bar reopens.
Put March 17th, St Patrick’s Day, on your calendar.  We’re sponsoring our local Firemen’s Union  in a huge fundraiser that day, with firemen coming from all over the state.  Along with our Irish Stout (Riley O’Rourke Irish Stout) and our Irish Red (Irish Red) we’ve brewed a special beer just for the firemen, a light American lager (Laddermen’s Lager).  Plus we’ll have lots of other goodies for you as well.  Don’t miss it.  All proceeds will go to the Community Foundation Boulder County.  Come share a beer and say thank you to our first responders.
We’re also coming out sometime this spring with a special beer to raise funds for businesses negatively impacted by the Marshall Fire – Phoenix Rising.  The beer is a light American Pale Ale.  All the proceeds from the sale of it will go to a local charity.  Thank you to Can Source, Brewer’s Supply Group, Inland Island Yeast, local liquor stores and Crystal Springs Brewing for making this possible.  More details later.
Looking for a place to hold a special event, meeting, or party?  Our Brewer’s Lounge will be ready soon and can accommodate 20-40 people.  Contact Kristy at [email protected] for more information.
If you haven’t heard about the Redtail Ridge project, I would urge you to get more information.  You can read more about it here:  https://redtailridgelouisville.com and here: https://yesforlouisville.com.  Sadly, there is a lot of misinformation being given out about the project, so I’m hopeful you will look at it carefully. The vote is coming up soon, April 19th.  Every registered Louisville voter will begin receiving mail in ballots around March 28th.  It will ask you to vote on a single issue:  Shall Louisville Ordinance No. 1811, Series 2021, An Ordinance Approving the First Amendment to ConocoPhillips Campus General Development Plan (Redtail Ridge Master Plan), be approved?  I would urge you to vote yes on this important issue.  
Finally, yesterday we released a new beer – a Belgian style Tripel, creatively named Crystal Springs Tripel.  This week it will also be available in 4 pack 16 ounce cans both at our taproom and in your favorite liquor stores.  I think it is a fine example of a Belgian style Tripel and one of the best beers we’ve made. 
I hope you have a wonderful weekend, that you are safe and healthy, and have wonderful Colorado independently brewed beers in your fridge.  And!  We have new logo hoodies and knit caps – get yours now!
Cheers, Tom