Spring Beers are Coming

Hi There!

I hope you had a great weekend.  The weather has been great, but today it’s heading back into the dumpster.  Colorado!  Actually, the forecast I saw has indicated some snow with some sun later this afternoon.  I’m not sure I can remember a day in Colorado where we got rain, snow, sunshine and wind with a temperature swing of 70 degrees, but that’s probably because it happens so often.  

Anyway, we’re working out the bugs with the Brewers Lounge (in our brewery location at 657 S Taylor Ave, Unit E, Louisville, CO – the Colorado Tech Center corner of 96th and Dillon Road).  Note that our building wraps around the curve on Taylor, 2nd building you see to your left after turning east on Taylor from Pierce.  The only sign that says 657 on it is at the south of the building.  Our unit is the last one in that building (again, on the left – right across the street from Community Food Share).  We’ll have the lights on.  Whew – glad I got that out.  So:

We will officially be opening to the public on Wednesday, March 30, 2022, from 3:00 to 7:00 pm and plan to open each week, Wednesday – Friday, 3:00 to 7:00 pm.  We cannot tell you how excited we are to be open again at the brewery. Both Kristy and I were very sad to have had to close the brewery taproom in 2020 (seems like a lifetime ago).  We’re hopeful you will love this cozy little space and are so excited to welcome you back.  This has been a labor of love for us.  Our goal for the Brewers Lounge is that it will be a place where we can showcase beers we have dreamt of doing for many years:  fruited sour beers, beers from antiquity, beers that were brewed long ago and almost forgotten, barrel aged beers and beers that we have imagined but never brewed.  We want this to be a place where you can come to relax, have meetings, events, celebrate special occasions or just enjoy a beer you may never have heard of before.  At times our brewers will stop up before leaving work and talk to you about the beers.  Colin and I will also often be there.  We want this to be a place you treasure, where you can enjoy wonderful beers and talk to the people who created the recipes and brewed the beers.  We named it the Brewers Lounge, not because it was only a place for professional brewers, but for all of those who love beer and want to know more about it. 

We’re excited to welcome our newest taproom employee, Rousseau.  He’ll be starting this week working in both taprooms.  Stop by and say hi.  


Look for our Classic American Pilsner and Hudson Midcoast IPA to come out soon.  If you’ve never tried these beers, you’re in for a treat and if you have, you know you’re in for a treat.

The Colorado Collaboration Fest is coming soon – April 2nd.  If you haven’t gotten tickets for it yet go here.  The Collab Fest (as it is fondly referred to) has become quite possibly the biggest collaboration fest in the world – seriously.  Colorado breweries join with other Colorado breweries (and sometimes out of state breweries) to create beers that have never been seen or imagined before.  It has become a showcase for Colorado breweries to show off their best and most creative beers they can make.  The pandemic sadly made it impossible for the fest to be possible for the last two years, but it is BACK THIS YEAR – don’t miss it.  We’re collaborating with Great Divide and Lone Tree Brewing this year.  At the GABF competition this past year, Colorado swept the entire American Fruit beer category (we won the Gold, Great Divide the Silver and Lone Tree, the Bronze). We thought it would be fun if we did a collaboration beer together.  Since that was a “special” collaboration we were allowed to do another collaboration, so we joined with Local Relic Brewing in Colorado Springs for our second collaboration.  Check out both beers at the festival (and a bunch of other Colorado’s amazing collaborations). 

Moving on – while it is quite apparent that Main Street won’t be closed again this year, we will have the patios back.  Perhaps more exciting is that we will also be opening the garage bar again.  More on that later.  

Sadly, Ryan (you may know him most familiarly as the guy who schleps beer into the downtown taproom – or, more importantly, the guy who makes sure there is beer at the downtown taproom) will be leaving us.  He and his family will be moving to Colorado Springs.  While we will miss him greatly, we wish him all the best in this new endeavor.  Here’s to you Ryan!

Weston, our Head Brewer, and I are very excited about this year.  We have plans to get our bottle program going and to introduce you to beers new, recreated from old, unique, creative, classic, perhaps strange, but always intriquing.  We’ve made it our goal to explore, improve, be creative and have fun.  Beer has been made for over 6000 years and we’re going to explore every bit of it, as well as look to the future.  Many of these beers will be showcased in the Brewers Lounge for those of you adventurous enough to check them out.

I’ll end with this:   Kristy, our team and I cannot be more excited for this year.  We’re ready to continue with the beers you’ve come to know and love, to rebrew the beers you’ve wanted us to brew again and to explore every avenue we can find to bring new and exciting beers for you to try.  We are committed to making the beers you love, the beers you may become to love and, most importantly, to share our world with you. 

Cheers, Tom