The Brewers’ Lounge is Open

New beers, garage bar, and April

Hi There,
As always, Colorado seems to have difficulty with spring – it never knows whether the weather should be sunny and moderately warm, windy, snowy, sleety, or very hot.  Don’t worry though, right now we have on tap, beers that will match virtually any of these possibilities.  Check out our tap list by clicking here.  
The Brewers’ Lounge is now officially open Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 3:00 – 7:00 P.M., hosted by our newest employee, Rousseau (pronounced Russo).  And on many days, you’ll find one or more of our brewers and/or Colin, Kristy or me in attendance.  Any of us will be happy to answer your questions about the beers we have on tap.  Our goal is to provide you with intriguing, interesting, and unusual beers, along with some of our mainstays.  It is a place that will allow us to explore new and ancient beers, beers that were popular at one time, but now extant, beers that may have never been brewed.  It’s also available for private parties, meetings, special events – contact Kristy at [email protected] for more information.
Now that we’re into a new “normal,” it is our intent to bring back Thirsty Thursday every week. 

  • This week (4/7/22) we’re offering a beer that has been described as “This beer should be illegal” (thanks, Tim F.) – our Blueberry Tripel.  
  • Next week (4/14/22) we’ll be bringing back our ever-popular Classic American Pilsner.
  • On 4/21/22 we’ll bring back, because so many of you have requested it, Hudson IPA.  According to Kyle (Assistant Brewer, the man with the words) it is amazing.
  • Finally, this month on 4/28/22 we’re putting out a beer that I just tasted from the fermenter and can attest is incredible (Kristy’s description and I agree) – a hazy IPA brewed with El Dorado and Nelson Suavin hops (created by our Head Brewer, Weston).  Frankly I’m not the biggest fan of hazy IPAs, but this one is probably going to change my mind.  Don’t miss it. 

This Thursday is also Colorado Pint Day (a fundraising event for the Colorado Craft Brewers Association, of which we are a proud member).  You can sign up in our downtown taproom in advance to make sure you get one.  Last year we sold out on Pint Day. 

Our Collaboration Festival Beers are on tap now:  Shockingly Similar and MarionBerry Farmhouse.

We’ve been working hard to get the beer garden in shape for spring – check it out.  The pergolas have new roofs and we’ve added new lighting and garden weather is just around the bend.  We’re excited to see how our flower garden progresses.  It is already starting to show off its stuff.  AND, the Garage Bar will be open again every Saturday this month starting 3:00 PM (more days depending upon weather and demand). 

That’s it for now.  I hope you’re doing well.  Stop in either of our taprooms – all of us at Crystal Springs look forward to seeing you again.

Cheers, Tom