Phoenix Rising release TODAY
Fundraiser to help businesses impacted by the Marshall Fire

Hi There!
Today we are releasing Phoenix Rising American Pale Ale as a way to raise funds for businesses financially impacted by the Marshall Fire.  
Can Source (Longmont) designed and provided the labels and all packaging supplies.  Brewers Supply Group (Denver) provided the malt and grain.  Inland Island (Denver) provided the yeast.  And Crystal Springs Brewing (Louisville) created the recipe, brewed it, fermented it and packaged it.  It will be available soon in six packs at your favorite local liquor stores in Louisville and Superior, on tap in local restaurants and tap houses, and on tap and in six packs in our taproom.  As everything to make this beer was donated, every dime (except the sales tax we’re required to collect) you pay for a beer, or a six pack will go to help businesses impacted by the Marshall Fire via the non-profit Louisville Rising.  More information in the post script.
Phoenix Rising is an American Pale Ale, but on the lighter side at less than 5% alcohol by volume and less hoppy.  Very drinkable and great for a hot summer day.  I hope you enjoy it.  
To make this an even more fun and special day, we are also doing a special release of 99 Limes (many of you are probably familiar with this beer) in cans – and on tap in our taproom and select restaurants and tap houses.  It will be available in 16 oz 
4-packs in your favorite liquor stores and in our taproom.
We are happy to welcome Carly as the newest member of our team.  Carly was hired to head up our cellar operations.  She will be working in the brewery, but you may see her around in the taproom on occasion (maybe even today). 
While the construction occurring around the brewery has dampened our efforts to reopen a taproom at the brewery, our Brewer’s Lounge is available to rent for private parties, meetings, events etc.  Contact Kristy at
[email protected] for more information (ask her about brewery tours as well).

A final note – we recently packaged Blood Orange using our special GABF gold labels. These labels are black rather than the orange labels you’re used to seeing Blood Orange in.  Please do not despair when you see these black labels – it is still the Blood Orange you know and love (and won a gold medal at GABF in 2021).  
I hope to see you this afternoon.  One of the best ways to beat the heat is to enjoy a cold, refreshing beer in a beer garden.  
Cheers, Tom
Addenda:  You may or may not be aware of this.  As I’m sure you know, many of the restaurants in Louisville had reservations for dinner this past New Year’s Eve, as well as for brunch, lunch, and dinner on New Year’s Day.  Those restaurants ordered extra food and supplies to accommodate those reservations – food which could not be returned.  What did they do with it?  They cooked it and gave out free meals to those who lost their homes, the first responders and anyone else adversely impacted by the fire. Keep in mind they also paid their employees to cook and serve those meals.  And they aren’t the only businesses who lost that weekend.  Many other businesses stocked their shelves with goods that may still remain unsold.  Their losses amounted to thousands and thousands of dollars.  Yet they gave their all to those in their time of need.  We wanted to do something to recognize their caring and dedication to our communities.  While what we raise from the sales of this beer will never replace what they lost, we hope it will let them how much we appreciate them.