New and Old Boooo-eers, Main St. Re-Opens

Good Day!

The weather’s changing and, while it is somewhat gloomy today, fun things are happening at Crystal Springs Brewing.  

Our new Lead Brewer, Weston Ring, created our latest Thirsty Thursday beer (released last Friday – I know), a hazy rye IPA which he aptly named Hazy Rye IPA.  We’re going to work with him on naming beers, although we’ve been known to be just as creative (Blood Orange Kolsch). He’s got another one fermenting and it is going to be treat for the cooler days ahead – A Belgian Stout (look for it next week). 

This Thirsty Thursday, by popular request, we’re bringing back Hudson IPA.  

Today, at the request of our former Lead Brewer and now son-in-law, Deidrick, we’re brewing a triple IPA.  Just what is a triple IPA?  Is there even such a thing?  Probably the most well-known triple IPA is Russian River’s Pliny the Younger.  Here’s a definition I found online:  “A massively hoppy beer of at least 9.5% ABV with outrageous amounts of dry hops, hop flavor, malt flavor, alcohol and bitterness, without the big maltiness balance of an American barleywine. The Triple IPA may be similar to a Double IPA in hop character, but is differentiated from the style by a thick, syrupy body accented by intense hop resins that make it a heavy sipping beer.”  I can only say that ours is a big beer, so much so that the amount of malt we’re using for one bbl of this beer fills our 2 bbl mash tun.  The ABV estimate is 9-11% and the IBUs are estimated to be “ridiculous” (182.8).  My dream is that it will be an eminently quaffable, aromatic, sipping beer that can be happily enjoyed outside on a cold day. 

Speaking of enjoying beer outside on a cool day – the city will begin reopening Main Street this Monday, November 1st.  If you remember, last year they also installed jersey barriers (if you’re curious about the name, see in front of several restaurants.  This year they will be installing them in front of our Downtown Taproom as well, which will allow us to have some additional seating this winter.  There’s just something special about Colorado (and Norway) that lures one to desire sitting outside, wearing layered clothing, and sipping a cold beer – especially if the sun is shining (which it is most of the time).  Even so, we’ll be adding some propane heaters to help fend off the cold. 

You’re probably wondering whatever happened to the EOS Pale Ale contest.  Well, mostly a marriage, but also procrastination on my part.  The winning name was “End of Summer.”  I’ll be sending the winners an email shortly with their prize information.  However, the name our employees all liked the best was Essence of Summer and that is what we’ll be calling it in the future.  The person who submitted that name will also get a prize. 

With the opening of Main Street, the back bar will close for the season – look for it again next April.  However, the beer garden will stay open all winter.  That’s it for now.  So layer up, grab a beer, sit outside and enjoy a cold one, brewed by a local independent brewery.  Until next time….

Cheers, Tom