Blood Orange K¨olsch Wins Gold

Hi There,
We have some pretty exciting news!  Our Blood Orange  Kölsch won the Gold Medal in the American Fruit Beer category at the Great American Beer Festival Competition this past Friday (Colorado owned the category with Great Divide winning silver and Lone Tree Brewing winning bronze).  Needless to say, we’re stoked.  And congratulations to our fellow Louisville brewery, 12Degree Brewing for winning a bronze medal for Treachery in the Belgian Style Pale Strong category.  
This week is going to be crazy.  Today we’re hosting the Street Faire Volunteers Appreciation Party.  Then on Thursday, we’re sponsoring our First Annual Crystal Springs Brewing Company Charity Golf Tournament.  This year the proceeds will go to Ramble on Pearl, a nonprofit social enterprise supporting adults with developmental disabilities achieve their goals of independent developmental disabilities achieve their goals of independent community employment.  On Friday, we’ll be heading to Steamboat Springs to serve our beers at Oktoberwest.  Busy, busy, busy.

  • Our Oktoberfest beer is out – on tap and in cans.  This has been a favorite for the last two years, so we brewed 30 bbls of it this year.  Look for it at your favorite local liquor store.  
  • 13 IPA is back and being offered on tap and in 16 oz four packs.  Look for it at your favorite local liquor store.  
  • South Ridge Amber is on tap
  • Our American Stout is back on tap
  • This one is a biggy – we recently brewed Wuerzburger again and it too is on tap.
    • The Louisville Historical Museum is celebrating its 35th anniversary this month.  As part of that celebration, the Louisville Historical Foundation has instigated a series of events, both to celebrate the anniversary and to raise funds for the Museum.  We will be one of five signature “historic experiences” throughout downtown Louisville.  To celebrate will have Wuerzburger on tap, a beer that was once brewed by the original Crystal Springs Brewing Company (founded in 1876).  We’ll be donating $1 of each Wuerzburger beer sold to the Foundation.  We will also have information and displays of our history and the history of the original Crystal Springs Brewery (which most likely supplied beer for the citizens of Louisville from 1896 – 1916).  To add to the fun, note that the building our taproom is in was built in 1890.  
  • We also just brewed a new pale ale (EOS Pale Ale) that I think you’re going to love.  It is on the low end in alcohol (around 5%) but big on flavor.  A great beer for the waning hot days of summer and should be on tap by the end of the week.
  • Finally, and incredibly exciting, we will be releasing Lulu’s Lager in cans this week.  Be sure to look for it in your local liquor store and on tap at Lulu’s BBQ and our taproom.

Just a reminder for our local teachers – To show our appreciation and gratitude to you, we are offering all teachers (public, private, college) a 10% discount on all purchases in our taproom the entire month of September.  Just show your teacher ID.  
Kristy and I were both teachers much of our careers and we know how hard it can be to teach in normal times.  With dealing with remote teaching last year and now the problems the country is having with the Delta variant, our teachers are facing the daunting task of dealing with it and with trying to make sure students get caught up.  
I hope you’re safe, well and happy.  It’s a great week to enjoy a Colorado beer, brewed by a local Independent brewery.  Please note our new fall hours below.
Cheers, Tom
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