Engagement, Wedding, and New Beers

Hi There!
We have some great news to tell you.  Nate just proposed to Dion, and she said yes!  They’re officially engaged.  Everyone in the brewery is elated, as are Kristy and I, of course!  In fact, I noticed that Kristy is actually walking about 6” off the ground. 
While it wasn’t brewed to celebrate their engagement, we can sure say it was.  Tomorrow, for Thirsty Thursday, we’re releasing a wonderful pale ale, EOS Pale Ale.  It is on the lighter side for a pale ale – you might even think of it as a “session” pale ale.  It features Talus hops – pink grapefruit, citrus rinds, dried roses, pine resin, tropical fruits, and sage, all supported by light barley and wheat malt.  It’s very tasty, superbly drinkable and represents fall quite nicely (marketing department influence).  
I know you’re most likely thinking EOS.  What does that stand for?  Only a few of us in the brewery know and we’re keeping it a secret until next Wednesday.  We thought it would be fun for you to see if you can guess what EOS stands for and enter that thought in a little contest we’re going to run starting tomorrow when it goes on tap.  Ask your server for an entry, write your name, email address and what you think EOS represents and turn it in (one entry per person, please) to your server.  Next Thursday, we’ll contact the winner(s) and award you with a wonderful prize.  Questions?  Ask your server.
It won’t be long until this year’s version of Cole’s Wet Hop Pale Ale is tapped (possibly next Thirsty Thursday).  We’re quite excited about it.  Every year we use the same base recipe, but the hops are always a little different, which we love.  It is great fun to see how it comes out each year.  Cole grows Nugget and Cascade hops and this year we focused a little more on the Cascade hops, while using the Nugget hops primarily for bittering.  I know I’m looking forward to trying it.  
This year’s Solano is also nearing the end of fermentation, so look for that one day soon as well.
As you know, we have a new brewer, Weston.  You may not have met him yet as we’re keeping him very busy in the brewery.  He has a beer that he brewed a few times as a homebrewer and wondered if we could do a test batch on our 2 bbl system.  It’s a hazy rye IPA and the recipe looks great (it also smelled incredible when he was brewing it).  I have no doubt it is going to be wonderful.  Look for that in the next couple weeks – probably Thirsty Thursday, October 8, 2021.  Keep your eye on this newsletter and our social media posts.  
Sadly, Deidrick will be leaving us soon.  This is his last week.  I started this column with wedding news, so I thought it would be fun to end it with the same.  Our daughter, Jacey, and Deidrick will be married on October 13, 2021.  While we’ll miss Deidrick in the brewery and thank him for all the years he made such great beer for us; we also welcome him into our family and look forward to having him as our son-in-law.  
We are somewhat overwhelmed right now, with one daughter getting married soon, another freshly engaged and a GABF gold medal for Blood Orange; very exciting times and life is good! Now I just need to dig out my suit and hope it still fits!  Cheers to all of you.  I hope this finds you happy, healthy, and enjoying a great Colorado beer brewed by an independent brewery (look for the seal).  
 Cheers, Tom